August 31, 2010

Monthly meetings at Edusport

Monday, 30th August: My second morning working at the NGO. That morning the first scheduled thing they have is the monthly meeting and the director kindly offers me to join them, very good idea, to integrate myself in their daily work routine. Basically the message he gave to the staff was a warning about the timetable they must accomplish (no delays...), the acknowledgment to the goals achieved by them, and the introduction of me to them. This morning for me has not been very efficient as I couldnt stay much with the finance staff because of their meetings and also the lack of a computer for me is a handicap (If I had known before..I would have rented one in Spain). As a matter of fact the lack of resources in the office forces to follow a different routine at work (nothing to compare with my daily work at mtv). There is only one telephone that they all must share for their work, and also there are less computers than staff (so even they share computers). But despite this they are able to achieve the purposes of NGO. Edusport fights for empowering disadvantaged communities. The main pillars are: Leadership, Health well being and prevention (HIV/AIDS), education, gender equality & equity, and safe spaces for good environment to play sports.
I ate the traditional Nshima (and with fish), the zambian dish, and by first time with my hands. don't feel very comfortable, but as far as the restaurants have a washbasin in the cantin (close to the tables) you can wash hands as soon as you have finished (they dont usually place napkins in the tables). I think the difference with the western culture, is in many of the cases a matter of comfort (not development). Greg gave me an extended overview of the current illnesses and problems of youth nowadays. Certainly some of the Edusport staff were children of these communities to whom Edusport helps.
Well for today it is enough. The interent cafe rarely provides a proper connection and it has failed twice today (and I am afraid my pendrive has got a virus from here...) . it's a pity i cannot download more pics!

Guys thanks a lot for your comments! sorry that i cannot reply you individually, but it's great to read you

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  1. Darling!!!! You are a champion!!! (Like ''La roja'').
    Cuidate mucho y exprime esta experiecia. Leo siempre tu blog. Ein hay uvas?
    Lots of kisses from spain, From Villata to Zambia.