August 31, 2010


Saturday 28: The previous night I asked my japanese mate at hostel, and he provided me very useful advices and recommendations about places (specially craft local markets), so I took a bus (see picture, it's a very small vehicle where at minimum 20 people usually fill the content). I stopped at Kabulonga village, and stayed in the Duch church local craft market. Christian church has very strong charitable mission in Zambia, and also encourages local artisans to sell their products. I bought several nice things. The place was full of people buying, most of them foreign or expats spending the morning in the drinks area. When I came back I decided to have lunch at the Bistrot discovered by chance the first day when I was in my first taxi trip. the place is inside the Alliance Francaise (i wouldnt had expected to finde one AF at Lusaka!). Then i had a baguette as kitchen was closed. And noticed an advertising about an upcoming concert the followint day at evening. Good! Certainly in the way to AF I took the wrong road and ended opposite the Air Force headquarter..and stupidly tried to take a pictures at the aeroplanes when the soldiers shouted me , so i didnt take pic but one of them came running to me and wanted to start troubles (i felt scared)...finally i explained him (the truth, by the way) that I was lost looking for the AF, then he left me go free...(In Zambia it is forbidden to take pictures of gubernamental buildings..but i wasnt awared..)
I finally arrived home after lunch, and i was resting when Myanda (the eventual Afid volunteer ) phoned me to meet. Perfect! he picked me up from the hostel, and went for a car ride through lusaka main avenues, and so outside closed to the suburbs and more disadvantaged areas (called Compounds) to see both sides of city. Finally we arrived to Chilanga and decided to go to the animals sanctuary (kind of zoo) so unexpectedly I saw the first animals this weekend (zebras, warthog, cheetah, lion,...). Very nice evening with Myanda, he is a very smart guy who's lived in Zambia, Uk and N. Zealand (and I understand him much better when he speaks english..)

Sunday 29: I went to the 10.00 mass service at the Anglican cathedral of the Holly croSS. A very nice and amusing mass despite of the length (2 hours!). People feel closer to each other here, it is a very sharing celebration. And so the gospel chorus! with a small band included. Apart from the priest, there is a predicator (a woman)who vocalized very consciously english. At the end of the mass, Collin (one of the hostelkeeping guys) was waiting for me, as he offered himself in his free day to go for a walk with me to show me the city. People is really kind and even they spend part of the free time they have (to be with their families) to show the town to the guestors. We finally had some soft drinks (I paid, and gave him a worldcup souvenir that i brought from Spain ) and when he went I spent the rest of morning in the local Arcades market, and having lunch in a very posh and expensive restaurant. In my way back, I walked approx 3-4kms..In the evening, I went to Alliance francaise for the concert. A wonderful concert with a chorus and cello, piano, violins band who performed some famous themes from soundtracks. Meanwhile having a cup of white wine in the terrace (in the break) I met some interesting people :-)

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